Studley Community Infants' School


National attendance expectations are a minimum of 95% and if your child has poor 

attendance you will be required to meet with the Head Teacher to look at ways of 

improving attendance. 


If your child is absent please send a note to the teacher or telephone the school 

to explain the reasons for the absence. If we do not receive an explanation from 

you then your child will receive an unauthorised absence mark.  Prolonged 

absences may lead to a home visit by the Educational Social Worker. 

If a family holiday is unavoidable during term time, a maximum of 10 days only 

during a school year is allowed.  You must complete a holiday form and hand it 

back to school before the date of the holiday.  Holiday forms are available from 

the school office.  The government is becoming increasingly concerned about 

time taken off during term time and schools are being encouraged to turn down 

requests for holidays. 


Parents should be aware that extended absence from school or frequent days off 

will adversely affect a child's education. 


Please do not book holidays in May when your child is in Year Two as this is 

when SATS are undertaken.