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Welcome to Nursery!

Nursery team:
Claire Blewett (Teacher), Julie Atkinson (TA), Gail Stringer (HLTA) & Cassie Holmes (TA).



Yet another busy half term in Nursery – so few weeks this time but so much experienced and achieved! 


The children really do seem to be growing up before our eyes, developing in confidence and maturity every day. Their friendships are blossoming and there are lots of times when we see fantastic cooperative learning and sharing going on. 


Here they are in Grandma’s Cottage from the Little Red Riding Hood story, relaxing and reading. We have had loads of fun from this story – we have acted it out both through dressing up - the red capes have been in constant use! - and by using puppets we made in our play theatre – lots of opportunities for developing loud voices! 

We have also made maps of the route Little Red Riding Hood took through the woods, including all the features and landmarks she passed. This activity was so popular that some children have been making maps to lots of places, every day! 


Some of the children in Year 1 came to read to us – this was a lovely session and showed our children what they can aspire to when they are 5 and 6 years old! 

Easter has come round so quickly and the Easter Bunny had sneakily been to Forest School early and hidden Easter Chocolate Lollies, so we had a very exciting Treasure Hunt!

The Easter Bonnet Parade was a roaring success - the efforts and time put in from home was much appreciated. The children were extremely confident for their age in front of such a huge audience, we are so proud of them.



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Tapestry has now been updated with this half terms observations. 


The Numtums

Join in with the Numtums and learn about numbers from 1 to 10.