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Welcome to Reception!

Reception team: Lydia Clements (Teacher), Pariss Gandy (Teacher), Louisa Baker (TA) & Julie Atkinson (TA).


Our topic this half term was ‘Water!’  We first looked at where we found water and what we used it for.  In our water tray, we investigated which objects would float and sink.  We also combined water and mud to create different textures and then used this to paint with on a giant roll of paper in the garden.   We identified where we used water in our homes and practised washing the babies and our clothes in our home corner. 





The following week, we investigated what happens when water freezes.  We filled up some balloons with water and put them in the freezer to see what would happen.  We set the children a challenge to melt the ice cubes in the water tray to free the toys.   We developed our fine motor skills by making snowmen in the playdough area.  In our deconstructed role play, we went on an artic expedition.  We even wrote our name and other letters in our magic snow! 




Next, we looked at the animals that live under the sea!  We made boats in our deconstructed role play and went searching for aquatic life and even found some mermaids!  We showed off our creative skills by making jellyfish by threading pasta tubes onto string.   In Forest School, we made sea creatures from materials found around us. 




Then we looked at the weather and made our own weather reports on the iPads!  The children predicted that there would be lots of snow so weather warnings are issued!  We made weather pictures by combining tissue paper, pipe cleaners and cake cases. 




Finally, to celebrate Chinese New Year, we had a go at using chopsticks in our home corner and tried some authentic Chinese cuisine.  We read the story of Chinese New Year and then mixed red and white to make pictures of pigs, to celebrate the year of the pig.  We also made Chinese lanterns to hang around the room.




It has been a very busy half term and the children have really enjoyed themselves.  Thank you for your continued support at home.



Tapestry has now been updated with this half terms observations. 


Play along with the Alphablocks and have fun with the letters of the alphabet.