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Welcome to Reception!

Reception team: Lydia Clements (Teacher), Pariss Gandy (Teacher), Louisa Baker (TA) & Julie Atkinson (TA).


We have had an exciting adventure around the world this term with our Topic 'Up Up and Away'.


We starting in Europe, where we talked about the different countries and their traditions including food, dance and the languages spoken.




The next week was all about Africa, and the children enjoyed learning about the different animals that live there. We looked at animal patterns and art and had a go at creating our own. We had fun reading 'Handa's Surprise' and re-enacted the story in the classroom.




In Indian week, the children had the opportunity to try some Indian foods. These were mostly a hit, with some children asking for seconds! We looked at Rangoli patterns and created our own with paint and pulses.




For our 4th week, we headed to China and Japan, where we had a go at writing our names in Chinese writing. We also made Wind Socks, carefully ordering strips of paper from the longest to the shortest. In the Painting area, we enjoyed Chinese blossom painting with cotton buds, using pinks and reds to create a lovely tree.






In Australian week, we enjoyed listening to a didjeridu and discussed the noises it made. We also baked Anzac biscuits and wrote recipes for the teachers who tried our  yummy biscuits. The children enjoyed using cotton buds again for some Aboriginal Art and created some lovely pictures.







Week 6 was all about North America and Canada. and the children enjoyed looking at some pictures of some American monuments, before carefully creating their own using junk modelling materials. We also looked at the American flag and some American and Canadian Money.


Our last stop was South America, where we enjoyed the colours of the Carnival and the Amazon Rainforest. We listened to carnival music and had a dance.We looked at the different animals in there layers of the Rainforest and listened to the sounds. 


Thank you to Parents for all the lovely Show and Tell items the children have brought in this Half Term. 


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Tapestry has now been updated with this half terms observations. 


Play along with the Alphablocks and have fun with the letters of the alphabet.