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Community Infants' School


Welcome to Reception!

Reception team: Jordan Cockette (Teacher), Kayley Ship (Teacher), Louisa Baker (TA) & Ann Litchfield (HLTA).


We have had such a fun, busy half term, learning all about Traditional Tales and Chinese New Year in between the extreme weather conditions!


We started our term with a Chinese New Year Celebration with Nursery. We were able to learn a Dragon Dance, make Chinese Lanterns and try a selection of Chinese Food. 




We have looked at a selection of traditional tales, starting with Little Red Riding Hood. The children have listened to stories, then have had the opportunity to act them out in the role-play and the small world. They have also enjoyed making beanstalks, new chairs for baby bear and baskets in the junk modelling and small construction. we even tried growing our own beanstalks...we are hoping to see a small sprout soon.



When looking at Goldilocks and Three Bears, we had a go at making our own porridge! We looked carefully at the ingredient list and smelt and touched the oats. We later had to unscramble the recipe for Goldilocks!





We celebrated Mother's Day with croissants, cake and coffee. The children enjoyed setting up the classroom and loved having their mums and family with them.



We enjoyed making butterflies for Mother's Day, with the children carefully cutting out their butterfly template, decorating it and then typing a message on the computer. 




In Forest School we have been looking for signs of Spring. We had to use our careful attention to detail to sketch some of the buds on the trees. 



Towards the end of our busy half term, we took a trip out in our local environment to Studley Community Library. We enjoyed walking through the village and looking through a range of books. We picked our favourites and shared them with our friends. 




In gymnastics we have been exploring the apparatus and equipment. We have learnt how to balance on it, travel safely on it and have experimented with jumping off, climbing and pulling ourselves up. It has been very exciting!





We have looked closely at the Easter story and have used our fingers to make patterns on our Easter cards. 



Next half term we will be starting our topic 'Who, What, Where, When and Why?". We will be looking at different people and events in close detail and asking and answering our own questions. 


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Tapestry has now been updated with this half terms observations. 


Play along with the Alphablocks and have fun with the letters of the alphabet.