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Welcome to Reception!

Reception team: Lydia Clements (Teacher), Pariss Gandy (Teacher), Louisa Baker (TA) & Julie Atkinson (TA).


Our topic this half term was ‘Once Upon a Time!’  This topic was all about exploring traditional tales.  The first story we learned about was Little Red Riding Hood.  The children created paintings of characters from this story, showing the feelings of the characters and then explaining why they felt this way.  We wrote speech bubbles for the different characters to show what they might say.  In our home corner, we wrote shopping lists for Little Red so she would know what to buy for Grandma.



The following week, we had pancake day!  We enjoyed learning through lots of pancake inspired activities and even got to mix our own pancakes and taste them. In Numeracy, we practised number recognition and addition and subtraction by putting the right number of toppings on the pancakes. We wrote the instructions for how to make a pancake in our Literacy work.



Next, we looked at Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We were very shocked by Goldilocks and her actions!  To explore this story, the children followed instructions to make porridge in the mud kitchen.  They constructed The Three Bears’ house out of the construction materials, working as a team.  In the small world, they retold the story, acting out the different parts together.




Jack and the Beanstalk came next! We made beanstalk number lines in the garden and pretended to be giants climbing up and down them.  We used the Bee-Bots to help us improve our ICT skills, trying to get to Bee-Bots to follow a route.  Some of us even wrote our own directions for the bees to follow!  Finally, we made our own cress to look at how plants grow, just like the beanstalk!  They did not grow as tall as the beanstalk but we enjoyed watching them.     



For Mothers’ Day, we made and decorated our own biscuits for our Mums.  This helped us to practise our fine motor skills, using tools and techniques with safety and control.  They smelt really yummy too!



Finally, we learned all about The Three Little Pigs.  We made pictures of the brick house, using a repeated pattern to create the brick work.  We also practised sharing, by sharing the pig food between the three pigs. 



It has been a very busy half term and the children have really enjoyed themselves.  Thank you for your continued support at home, we are really looking forward to seeing your completed Easter Challenges when you return!





Tapestry has now been updated with this half terms observations. 


Play along with the Alphablocks and have fun with the letters of the alphabet.