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The Harbour



The Harbour officially opened in January and we have had a very productive first term! The children have embraced shared breakfasts, Spring planting, ample baking opportunities and some special celebrations



We enjoy playing circle games and singing every day. ‘The Farmer Wants a Wife’ is one of our favourites! These activities help us to build our confidence along with speaking and listening to one another, and best of all they are fun!


Cooking is a life skill that will be so beneficial to us as we become more independent. In the Harbour we made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday; we helped to measure ingredients, use equipment correctly, and learned how to stay safe around an oven. We also made heart chocolates for Mother’s Day, Easter Hot Cross buns and cakes for Studley STARS coffee morning as part of Autism Awareness Week.



Outdoor learning is a big part of our daily routine in the Harbour. As well as planting Spring bulbs and herbs, we’ve experienced a wide variety of messy play activities that have supported sensory needs, mark-making, counting and many other curriculum areas.



Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey so far in the Harbour. Wishing all our families a very happy and restful Easter!