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Community Infants' School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 team: Cherril Day (Teacher), Mary Graham (Teacher), Monica Bartley-Bond (Teacher), Mandy Greaves (TA) & Karen Marshall (HLTA). 


We started this term comparing Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism for our Religious Education topic.  We have learnt about where people worship including the Gurdwara, the Mosque, the Church and the Synagogue.  We’ve learnt about religious symbols, drawn our own pictures of places of worship and even listened to music and tried dancing to it too!



This half term we started our enquiry All About Pets.  We have learnt how to look after a dog what dogs need to stay healthy.  We have made pets with play dough, painted pictures of pets and built homes for pets out of blocks.  We have small world pets and we’ve got a challenge for half term.  We’ve got to design and build a pet cage, or house or tank.


In literacy we split into groups and wrote questions about pets and now we’ve started to use the internet to find out more interesting facts.


In the middle of January we had a visit from Sue the Drone Lady!


 She taught us how to fly a drone.  We had to wear goggles for safety.  Then we used an iPad to put jigsaw pieces of instructions together to program the drones.  When we pressed go, the drone started to take off.  Then it flew towards a target and landed close to the middle!  We felt excited to have a go and felt proud when it landed on the target!



Written by Grayson, Dexter, Sammie, Toby, Nancy, Thomas, Jaani, Freddie, Henry and Cherril

Bing Bunny

Have fun making a colourful picture with Bing and Flop.