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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 team: Cherril Day (Teacher), Marie-Therese Gould (Teacher), Mandy Greaves (TA) & Karen Marshall (HLTA). 


The second half of the Autumn Term has been as busy as the first!


We went for a village walk to learn about the roads and buildings in Studley village. We took photographs of the buildings so that we could draw maps and make buildings ourselves out of junk.

Some children spotted some Studley Rocks, so they picked them up and hid them somewhere else! We saw the War Memorial with the poppies and wreaths. When we got back to school we made maps and diagrams of the village too.


The PTA organised the Firework Display jointly with Studley High School.Charlotte said, "This term we went to the Studley High School to watch the Firework Display." Harry-Beau from Year 1 won the Golden Ticket so that he could press the button to start the display. “It felt funny because I was in charge of starting them with my sister Lily,” he said. He had good fun setting them off and everybody had a very good time.’


At the end of November we heard the story of Bumblebear who dresses up as a bee to try to get into the beehive to eat all the honey. We loved the story and we watched a webcast with the author and illustrator of the story, Nadia Shireen. We dressed up in our onesies for the day and made antennae to wear like Bumblebear. We learnt how to be an illustrator and have been hard at work improving our drawing skills ever since.


In December we made Bumblebear’s Honey Cookies and some Starry Shortbread for our Christmas Food Market. We sold everything and everyone had great fun making and icing.


We have done lots of making this term, but one of the cleverest things we have been learning about, is the artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. He was an artist and an architect from Austria. His building designs are bright and colourful, with gold spheres or domes and tall towers. We started off by drawing some of the buildings in Studley and then added our Hundertwasser design ideas to them. We felt happy with our work because we think that are work is good, with lots of clever details.


We are excited and looking forward to Christmas and the New Year and all the new things we’re going to learn next.


Written by Charlotte, George and Cherril




Bing Bunny

Have fun making a colourful picture with Bing and Flop.