Reminder: Year 1 visit to Warwick Castle -Thursday 7th June 2018 Year 2 Leavers Photos - Wednesday 6th June 2018
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Community Infants' School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 team: Cherril Day (Teacher), Mary Graham (Teacher), Marie-Therese Gould (Teacher), Mandy Greaves (TA) & Karen Marshall (HLTA). 


Year 1 Summer Term 1 

This term we have had a mini enquiry about Plants and Growing. 

We have learnt what plants need to grow and how to look after them. We have planted seeds to grow giant pumpkins and written pumpkin diaries about how they have changed each week. We have learnt how to tell which plants are fruits, and those that are vegetables. We learnt that some vegetables grow under the ground, some grow on the ground and most fruits usually grow on trees or bushes. We have been to Forest School to learn the names of common plants and trees and been adventuring and exploring the area. 




On Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th May Year 1 performed the Moosical, ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper’ for the rest of the school and our families. The children all chose whether they preferred a speaking or acting part and then had auditions for each role. Once this was done, rehearsals took place for two weeks before the big performance! The children were amazing and really rose to the challenge. Their voices were loud and clear, their acting was amazing and the singing and dancing was incredible. They looked fabulous in their costumes and it was an amazing experience for them all. We even had a Challenge to design tickets for our performance. The winning ones chosen were Amelia and Josie in 1CD and Jemimah and James from 1MTG/MG. 




On Tuesday 22nd May Year 1 had a Drone Day. We learn how to fly a drone, programming it to take off, fly forwards, flip and land. We could turn it left or right sand decide how long it should fly for. Lennon said, “It felt really cool being in control. I wish I had a real drone to fly at my house!” Ella D said, “It was fun using the iPad to fly the drone.” We had lots of parent volunteers to help us and said a big thank you at the end. 





Last weekend was the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We made flags and bunting and had a celebration lunch of fish and chips with the whole school on the playground. We had music playing and finished with ice-cream or a chocolate hedgehog. 



Our next enquiry is called “A Right Royal Do” and we are just getting started. News will follow next half term.







Bing Bunny

Have fun making a colourful picture with Bing and Flop.