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Community Infants' School

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 team: Alison Vincent (Teacher), Lisa Clemson (Teacher) & Paula Pritchard (TA).


Year 2 have had a very eventful half term leading up to Christmas.

We have been learning all about Judaism. We had to work as team and problem solve when challenged to make our own Sukkahs. Here are a few pictures...



Following our trip to The Needle Museum we have tried our hand at sewing. It was great to see the children persevering. They tried hard to thread their own needles and even tie their own knot. 




We enjoyed baking for the Christmas Market. We made Reindeer Biscuits...Yummy! We weighed out all of our ingredients. 



We have had fun making predictions and measuring. We had a paper chain challenge to see which class could make the longest. Alison’s class were the winners. Their paper chain was 11 metres. Lisa’s class measured 8 metres and 40 centimetres. The children have also been data handling, making tally charts and drawing a bar chart.



Nina and the Neurons

Use your engineering skills to play games and help the Neurons collect stars.