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Community Infants' School

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 team: Alison Vincent (Teacher), Lisa Clemson (Teacher) & Paula Pritchard (TA).


The Year 2’s have been working extremely hard this term. It all began by listening to stories written by Drew Dawalt. We looked at all the things the author had used to make his story interesting. We had to pretend to be a piece of classroom equipment and write a very stroppy letter to Duncan. We really are a grumpy and stroppy bunch! Super acting skills too!

These stories then inspired us to become authors and we have been busy writing our own stories called Magic Crayon to the Rescue.


Science is great!

Lisa’s class had to find out which material would make the best curtain for Henry. He has a street lamp outside his bedroom window and the light keeps shining through. If anyone needs a new curtain we know just the material for the job!



Alison’s class had to find out which type of kitchen paper soaked up the most water.




Nina and the Neurons

Use your engineering skills to play games and help the Neurons collect stars.