Year 2 need adult volunteers to walk with them to Junior School on Friday 21st June at 1.45pm__________Don't forget to check out the school diary dates in the Parent section____________________Don't forget to sign up for our Breakfast and/or After School club. Prices can be found on our website.
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Recommended websites: 



You can access the PhonicsBugs books online. You will need your login details allocated by school. 


BBC Learning

This website is packed full of learning for all ages. Focus on using the games and clips aimed at children from 4-7 years old.


Phonics Play

Free to subscribe to; this website has lots of fun games, for each phase, to help children with their phonics.


ICT Games

This site covers a range of subjects and has lots of resources that can support your child's learning at home.



What a fun way to access learning. With links to your children's favourite TV shows, this is a really fun way to get your children applying different skills at home.



Possibly for the higher end of KS1, CBBC has lots of interesting resources. 



A lovely child-friendly site to keep children updated with the latest news.