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Community Infants' School

School Dinners

Cooked Meals

Hot meals are available every day and are served from our school kitchen in the hall. Meals are provided by Warwickshire County Caterers, with menus changed weekly on a three weekly cycle.


Universal Free School Meals

All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils in state-funded schools are automatically entitled to a free school meal.

However, if you think you receive one of the qualifying benefits we recommend that you still apply . This will mean your child’s school does not miss out on important funding. It may also mean your child will continue to receive free meals after the end of Year 2.

Please see here for more information.


To visit or school lunch providers website please click here.



Warwickshire County Caterers can also supply a sandwich option.

If parents prefer, children may bring a packed lunch in a safe container. These should be placed on the trolleys provided under the veranda by the main school entrance at the beginning of each day.

As we promote healthy eating, no chocolate bars or sweets are allowed. Children are provided with a free piece of fruit daily through the National Fruit Scheme.



No glass bottles must be brought into school, all drinks must be in unbreakable watertight containers. We also ask for still drinks only, as fizzy drinks can be explosive!

Milk is available free for children under five, but must be paid for in advance for children five and over. 

Water coolers are available in every class for children to help themselves to water for their water bottles whenever they are thirsty.