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Autumn 2

The second half of the Autumn term has been full of exciting activities, and we’ve also welcomed a fourth child to our Harbour class.


Firework Extravaganza!

We have really enjoyed exploring all of our senses when learning about fireworks and Bonfire Night. Our learning has included making edible bonfires using a variety of sweet and savoury items, listening to audio and watching fireworks exploding and the sound of the fire crackling, and using musical instruments to make firework sounds. We also learned about how to stay safe at this time of year and how to cope with loud noises- everyone is different.



Light and Dark

It has been fun learning about light and dark, some of our children have been really inquisitive about nocturnal animals and so we explored this further through a variety of activities. We made a dark cave and used torches to find our way. We crawled through a ‘rabbit hole’ which helped us to work on our coordination and core strength. We learned about the differences between night and day.



Winter is Coming

Check out our magical winter wonderland small world. The children came into this one morning and their reactions were priceless! We incorporated different interests to appeal to our learners, including Arctic animals, a snowy train track and shiny, reflective objects. We also provided books around this theme (also involving Christmas celebrations). The language and play from this one activity has been really valuable and loved by all.