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Community Infants' School

Spring 1

We embraced our focus book  ‘Mr Gumpys Outing’ this term


In the outdoor role-play the children became excellent team players and were able to retell the story and make their own versions.  They negotiated roles, used the resources creatively and asked the adults for help if they needed it. Spades became oars, buckets were used to bail out water when a hole appeared in the boat, animals were substituted and boxes were used as extra boats to make sure all the children could fit. 


Singing helped them stay focused and remember the story and the children all contributed to the composition of new verses (“and on that boat he had a  …”).  


What they weren’t able to do was … stop laughing when everyone fell in the water!!  We did it over and over again! I hope they didn’t swallow too much water!! 


The children were able to reflect upon their play when working in the art area and produce some beautiful detailed artwork. 


They showed perseverance when making boats for the water play, which involved following the adults instructions and tricky paper folding.  They showed empathy for their friends if they needed help, sometimes delaying their own achievements and a great deal of resilience when things went wrong and we had to adapt designs and start again. 


Some of the soggy sunk boats became duck food too so nothing was wasted due to the children’s quick and creative thinking.


Using careful gentle blowing through straws to power the boats along the water was also tricky but once mastered the children supported and demonstrated the knack to their friends.  They also noticed that it made them out of breath so became curious about their bodies and were all able to contribute to a discussion about breathing and heartbeat!

The children merged the animals from the Chinese New Year story with Mr Gumpys boat and enjoyed using the finger puppets and numbers to retell the story in the small world.  They noticed everything red and gold to celebrate as the girl did on the film that they watched on CBeebies. 


They explored chopsticks in the sensory rice box and enjoyed filling and tipping rice into the red enveloped to hide the gold coins.  They made red fans and decorated red envelopes, which we were very exciting due to the chocolate gold coins inside!  They made lots of links with Christmas and remembered that we have chocolate gold coins at Christmas too!