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Music at Studley Infants'

Music Curriculum Intent


Our music curriculum aims for children to use their creative skills to become confident composers and performers as well as articulate listeners through the implementation of our music scheme.  We introduce children to different styles of music as well as music from other time periods and cultures to broaden their musical experience.  We do this through our music scheme, regular performances and as part of our going home routine in Early Years and Year One.  The children also experience different genres of music through whole school workshops, such as Jazz Labs.  We aim to make the music curriculum enjoyable and encourage all children to participate and be involved in a variety of musical performances throughout their journey at Studley Infants'.  Singing is a strength of ours and we love singing for an audience!


Music Curriculum Implementation


We have a holistic approach to the music curriculum at Studley Infants', connecting all of the individual strands of performing, listening, improvising and composing.


Through our chosen scheme of Kapow, children will be taught how to sing fluently and expressively, and play untuned instruments accurately and with control.  They will learn to recognise and name pitch, tempo and timbre and to use these expressively in their own improvisations and compositions.


We follow a spiral curriculum model where previous skills and knowledge are returned to and built upon.  Children make progress by tackling more complex tasks and doing the more simpler tasks better each time.


Lessons see pupils actively participating in musical activities drawn from a range of styles and traditions, developing their musical skills as well as an understanding of how music works.  There is opportunity for independent tasks, paired and group work as well as improvisation and teacher-led performances.


Music is taught every other week in KS1 to allow for a full hour of music.  Units are taught completely with less units being taught over the course of the two years to allow for full progression and understanding within these units.  In EYFS, singing occurs daily with children in Reception beginning to dip into the Kapow curriculum ready for KS1.


Children perform to parents at least once a year with Nursery and Reception performing a Christmas Nativity, Year 1 performing a Pantomime and Year 2 showcasing a performance for their leaving assembly at the end of the year.  We also take many other opportunities throughout the year to sing to parents, including Christmas carols, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Easter Bonnet parades.  


Children are introduced to a wider variety of songs than those in the scheme through welcome music into assemblies, while getting ready to go home and on the playground at lunch times as part of our OPAL project.


We provide musical workshops for the whole school to allow them to immerse themselves into a musical experience and to hear different styles and ways of creating music.


We also have the opportunity for pupils to access paid music tuition in guitar, vocals and piano, either 1:1 or through group tuition.  

Music Snapshots

Music Snapshots

Skills and Knowledge Progression