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History Intent Statement


Our history curriculum will encourage pupils to develop an understanding and appreciation of the past and how significant individuals and events have helped shape today’s society.  Children are encouraged to be curious historians by being given ample opportunities to research and question in order to develop their learning further.  Children will be supported to develop their own ideas, opinions and questions about the past and will use subject specific vocabulary.

Our children will be supported in understanding how different sources give us an insight into how people in Warwickshire, Britain and the wider world used to live in order to make comparisons between their lives todays and other civilisations.





History at Studley Infants is taught in blocks throughout the year, so that children can achieve depth in their learning.  Teachers have identified the key knowledge and skills of each blocked topic, and these are mapped across the school, ensuring that knowledge builds progressively and that children develop skills systematically.  Tasks are selected and designed to provide appropriate challenges to all learners and to develop independent working and confidence, in line with the school’s commitment to inclusion.  At the end of each topic, key knowledge is reviewed by the children and rigorously checked by the teacher and consolidated as necessary. The content of the history curriculum is as outlined in the National Curriculum programme of study. We have developed a curriculum which provides children with understanding of both local and notational history events.  Children are provided with challenge and the progression of skills ensures that children are well equipped with the skills needed to think critically, ask questions and conduct their own research.  As the children progress through Early Years and Ks1 their prior learning is revisited and comparisons made.




History at Studley Infants is assessed in a variety of ways to check children’s knowledge and understanding. Activities are planned to be accessible to all children, taking into account different abilities and learning styles. Children are encouraged to conduct research, make predictions and discuss ideas. Learning is recorded in a number of ways. For example, children express what they have learnt through art, role play, writing and drama. The children’s learning journey through each topic is recorded in a variety of ways including theme folders and seesaw. This provides children with an opportunity to revisit prior learning throughout the Key Stage.

History Overview