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At Studley Infants’ we recognise that the ability to read independently is one of the most important skills that we can teach our children from the very earliest age. It allows access to all other areas of the curriculum and is a vital life skill. The most effective way of teaching young children to read is through a structured phonics programme. Therefore, in order for our children to read any kind of text fluently and confidently, and to read for enjoyment, the systematic teaching of reading through phonics is vital.



Say Hello to Supersonic Phonic Friends …



This is our new and exciting phonic programme that we have chosen to help us deliver high quality phonics teaching across the school.  Supersonic Phonic Friends is a systematic phonic approach created by Phonics' expert, Anna Lucas and we feel it reflects the creative ethos of our school.


The benefits of this approach includes …


- Supersonic Phonic Friends fully meets the DFE’s 16 Essential Core Criteria. It ensures commitment, consistent, creative quality first teaching of phonics across all key stages.

- Supersonic Phonic Friends allows for active engagement at all times ensuring every session is maximised, making every minute count.

- Supersonic Phonic Friends sessions follow exactly the same routine daily so the children know what to expect and can be tailored to meet the needs of the children.

- Supersonic Phonic Friends can be delivered through technology, supersonic phonic boxes or play trays in the indoor and outdoor environment.

- Supersonic Phonic Friends injects new life into phonics. Exciting, engaging and brain friendly phonics made simple and easy for teachers and children.

-Supersonic Phonic Friends has parent workshops, activities and weekly parent newsletters for all the phases to support and carry on learning at home learning.



Meet the Supersonic Phonic Friends Characters…


Throughout the programme, our children are introduced to characters who have a special skill to support them with their phonic progress and application into reading and writing including chants and actions.




*Supersonic Phonic Friends begins with Firm Foundations in Phonics 1, which is aligned to Phase 1 from Letters and Sounds and will be used throughout Nursery.

*The Basics Phonics 2, 3 and 4 will be taught throughout Reception.

*The Higher Level Phonics 5 C/B will be taught throughout Year 1.

*Year 2 will explore Spelling Rules.



Guided Reading


When children are starting to learn the phonic code, it is important that the books they read, during these sessions, are fully matched to their secure phonic knowledge to practise their independent reading. This will allow children to use the grapheme (spelling) Phoneme (Sound) Correspondence (GPCs) they know and have been taught, to decode words to practise reading and re-reading.  Children should be able to read these books with 95% accuracy. The books should give the children confidence and help develop fluency.  We want our children to feel confident and feel a sense of achievement! All we ask is that you are a pair of ears for our children to read to.  All the teaching will have been delivered during our Supersonic Phonic Friends Lessons.

Evidence and experience clearly demonstrates that almost all children learn to read, using books that are fully decodable and match their secure phonic knowledge.


Exciting News …


In order to support our children’s Supersonic Phonic Friends journey, school has just invested over £2500 to supplement our reading scheme to ensure reading books are fully decodable. It is important that these books are looked after and returned to school. 




If reading books are returned damaged or are misplaced/lost then we will be charging £6 to replace the book.  Reading groups are made up of 6 children, if books are damaged/misplaced/lost then we are not in the position to pass the books onto other children. Guided Reading Books will be numbered 1-6 and children will be allocated a number so we are able to monitor and keep track of our books.



Let’s Take a Sneak Peak …


For more information please click the link


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Lisa Clemson (Literacy Coordinator)




Supersonic Phonic Friends Assessment

Supersonic Phonic Friends Progression Map