School is open to children of Critical Workers, vulnerable children and children with EHCPs. Please contact the office if you have any queries regarding your child attending school.
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Community Infants' School

Spring 2

On went the mouse through the deep, dark wood


Much of our learning this half term has revolved around the story of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. We have enjoyed Forest School sessions in the Deep Dark Woods, where we've made homes for different animals. Sensory play with Gruffalo Crumble and Scrambled Snake was great fun! We worked together to create a map and label it, the children enjoyed driving vehicles over it and re-telling parts of the story.

The more that you read, the more things you will know...


We've really celebrated a love of reading in the Harbour, with story time and singing being an integral part of our routine. The children all joined in with dressing up for World Book Day, and they all visited the PTAs Book Swap. The children are able to talk about the books they enjoy, and are beginning to name characters and settings.

Sticky Sticky Stick Stick!


As our value this half term has been based on Responsibility, the children in the Harbour have been responsible for looking after 5 Indian Stick Insects. They have all helped to provide them with fresh leaves, water and gentle handling.


They have also taken on more responsibility with roles within our daily routine, like changing the timetable, washing up and setting the table. This has been great for developing independence and self-esteem too.