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Autumn 1

What a lovely start to the year we have had!  We have loved seeing all of the smiley children back in school.


We started the year with a real focus on our own feelings and emotions.  We were learning to understand our own emotions and how we can help ourselves if we were feeling a negative emotion, such as sad or angry.  We did lots of work around how we show and interpret feelings, such as by making play dough faces to show happy, sad, nervous, worried and many more emotions!




We have learned this half term all about how each and every one of us as individuals is special and about the things that make us special.  We celebrated all of our similarities and differences and worked to understand that this is what makes our class so unique and interesting. We did lots of work on recognising how we are the same or different to our friends, including making a life-sized collage of two members of our class!  We had ourselves as the focus for our ‘Awe and Wonder’ area and used mirrors to draw some self-portraits, making sure we copied what we could see in the mirror.



In Numeracy, we have been working with numbers to 10.  We have represented numbers to 10 in different ways and have used part-whole models and tens frames to begin adding numbers to 10.  We have even started learning how to record an addition sentence!

In Science, we have been learning all about our bodies and our senses.  We now know that we have 5 different senses and we know which parts of our bodies are associated with them.



This half term, we have learned about the artist Hundertwasser and looked at many of his buildings and paintings.  In our construction area, we used the blocks to build some famous landmarks from around the world, including the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building!  We also drew some of the buildings we see around Studley, modelling them on the work of Hundertwasser, using lots of bright colours, lines and shapes. 



It certainly has been a busy half term and we cannot wait to see what next half term brings!