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Summer 1

The Potting Shed


Our class book for this half term was the 'The Flower' by John Light. We enjoyed sharing our opinions of the story and looked at dystopian world where flowers and plants did not exist. We discussed how this made us feel and how we can look after the flowers we have. 
We focussed on writing a diary entry as one of the characters and thought carefully about the emotions of the character.  


In D.T, we designed and made our own vehicle to transport flowers in. We looked at examples of vehicles and decided on the features we wanted to incorporate in our own. Once they were finished we took them outside to test them. We used rulers to measure how far they travelled and took them on different terrain to test their suitability. 








In Science we investigated different types of seeds and bulbs and completed our own observational drawings. We looked at the different shapes and patterns on each seed and what they would become once they have grown. 
Can you guess what the seeds are below?




We also experimented making our own helicopter seeds! We looked at how they spin down from the maple trees in the wind. 


We really enjoyed the story 'Eddie's Garden and How to Make Things Grow' by Sarah Garland and noticed that in a part of the story Eddie goes into the garden at night to protect his vegetables from slugs and snails. The children wanted to find out more about this, so we started our own investigation! 


First we came up with our own questions that we wanted to find out the answers to like why do snails have shells? and how long do they live for? We used a mixture of non-fiction texts and the Macbooks to research our answers. 

We presented our findings on our own snails! We made shells using patterns inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy and carefully wrote our information inside.




After we had finished all of our research on snails and slugs - something terrible happened! A SLIME CRIME had been committed in 2JC! The children came back from assembly to find everything a mess! Snails had been sneaking around, leaving slime everywhere and knocking things over...some even ate the children's work!




We filled out crime reports and took witness statements from Nicky and Paul in the office and even asked Debbie what she had seen and heard!   We wrote a news report and then performed it on the news using our green screen. The children enjoyed their new roles as camera technicians and news readers. 



In Numeracy we have been working hard and practising a range of skills. We measured ingredients to make our own dough and then cut it into different fractions!