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Autumn 1

We have had a very busy half term inducting new children into Nursery, welcoming older children back who haven’t been in since Lockdown in March, and a couple who did come back to us during Wider Opening before the summer. All of the children and parents have been marvellous at accepting and practising the new procedures we have implemented due to Covid-19. Needless to say we have spent a lot of time in the bathroom washing our hands in Nursery!


It has been great getting into the Nursery garden as much as possible, exploring all the resources there. We have focussed on making new friends and learning names, learning how to talk to one another, asking and answering questions, and sharing and taking turns.


Here we are using paint rollers with water to paint the walls, developing shoulder elbow and wrist strength, which helps when acquiring pre-writing skills. Carrying buckets of water to the walls is good for our balance too.



The letter tiles have been popular and we have laid them out in lines, carefully putting them next to each other without gaps. We have counted and matched them and some children have been able to identify the first letter in their names; lots of early literacy and numeracy opportunities.


The obstacle course has been a really popular choice when outdoors - taking turns, (and using our words to decide this!) and keeping a safe distance have been key teaching and learning points. It’s amazing how we have become steadier and more confident over just a short time, at practising the course.



We had a focus on Harvest and Autumn and you can read all about the activities we completed in the section on Harvest. We observed, drew, painted, used our senses of smell and touch  and developed our vocabulary,  learning lots of new descriptive  words. In this photo children have been role playing the story of  the Little Red Hen with puppets of the characters.



We have been limited in how much we have been able to explore and become familiar with our school site. But…. we have been on an Autumn Walk in the grounds to look for signs of Autumn and have seen a wonderful display of colours on the trees as the leaves change colour.



Talking and learning about each other’s families  has been another theme, and we have incorporated sorting and counting into this, with our sets of family counters.

We have also looked back to when we were babies and what we could do, and how we needed looking after. Here are the babies in the baby bath with towels to dry them with. Some of them have had a bit of a soaking!



Working together on small challenges has been a real achievement this term.


Our class book Where’s Spot has been well read and really helped to develop understanding of prepositions. We have role played the story many times and really enjoyed finding our own hiding places for Spot!


We certainly have come a long way in a few weeks, the children are socialising, caring for and listening to each other very well, and now following the Nursery routines with few reminders. Well done!