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Community Infants' School

Autumn 2

To start the term we created our own firework pictures! 

We learnt to make our own printing stick using card and then used them to make our paper come to life! Once we had finished we embellished our pictures with glitter, sequins and oil pastels. 




Later, we listened to and read different firework poems before writing our own. Once we had our poem and firework picture, we presented our work using Adobe Spark Video on the iPad. 

We learnt how to add, edit and save our own slides in the video.


Watch one below: 

Year 2 Firework Video

Still image for this video

Our book this half term has been 'The Flower' by John Light. We have had lots of discussions about the illustrations and the theme of this book. For our book event the children enjoyed creating fabulous flower displays with their parents. 




In art the children have been observing seasonal plants and flowers and developing their drawing skills and techniques. 



In Science we learnt about all of the things plants need to grow and be healthy. We conducted our own experiment by planting cress seeds in different conditions. We also planted an amaryllis bulb and compared how it grows to the cress seeds. 



In P.E we have been learning new dances. We have explored movement in time to music and linking various moves together. We have also developed our skills when throwing, catching and rolling a ball.




The children have enjoyed Geography this half term! They have learnt all about the continents and oceans of the world and have enjoyed learning a new song! We moved on to look closely at Ivory Coast and compared the life of a cocoa bean farmer to someone who works in our country. Watch our favourite video below:


"Continents and Oceans" by "Continents and Oceans" (See below for lyrics) Traverse across "Continents and Oceans" and learn a little about each in this smooth and catchy tune by Which continent has the most people? How about the least? Which one is the hottest? Can you name all five oceans?

At the end of the term the children enjoyed preparing for Christmas!

The children carefully planned their Christmas decorations, thinking about where they needed to sew the material and the colours and embellishments they would use. They also designed and made a printing tile to make their Christmas cards! 

Finally we all walked to Studley Methodist Church to see the Christmas tree we had decorated. In R.E the children have learnt all about Advent and were so excited when they spotted an Advent wreath.




We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and we can't wait for more fantastic learning and experiences in the New Year!