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Autumn 2

We had another egg related start to our second half-term in Year 1! The children discovered a mysterious golden egg in the classroom. This inspired some wonderful questions about what kind of egg it was and how it has got there allowing us to explore question words and the use of question marks.  

Things got even more exciting when they came back from an assembly one day to find that the egg had hatched and whatever had come out of it had caused some chaos in the classroom.  We ordered the clues we found and wrote them down as well as some predictions about what kind of animal had hatched out.  Judging by the singe marks and footprints it had to be a baby dragon! 




In science we explored everyday materials including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock.  The children were able to distinguish between an object and what it is made of as well as thinking about the properties of materials using lots of scientific vocabulary.  We will be carrying on with this science topic next half term. 




In Forest School we have really enjoyed outside learning and celebrating the seasonal changes.  We searched for fallen autumn leaves and identified which trees they have came from.  We also remembered Guy Fawkes on 5th November and children made some wonderful bonfire pictures. 




In History our topic has been castles and we will start a new book this week called The Last Castle.  The children have explored how castles have changed over time and also how they have been attacked!  The have really enjoyed dressing up as knights and making their own shields. 


Things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas now and we have been lucky enough to get some advent picture books to open and share over the last two weeks of term.  It will be lovely to have a break to enjoy special time with family and friends and be ready to come back in January for lots more exciting learning.