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Summer 1

Summer 1 in Year 1 and Year 1/2


Wow!  We have all worked so hard this half term and we are really proud with how the children have settled Into being back at school and getting use to new teachers.


In Numeracy, we started looking at the place value of numbers.  Children needed to see how many tens and ones a number had all the way up to a hundred.  We then moved onto addition whereby children had to group objects together to find out the total amount.  Once we were secure with our addition  we were able to progress onto subtraction.  We did lots of practical activities to help us understand how we take an amount from a whole number. We also recapped on counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10, practising by counting different objects. 





In literacy we looked at `The Flower` by John light which looked at how the world would look with no flowers.  This really engaged the children as they were able to use their own emotions and feelings to describe how the character would feel.  They used their Imagination to then write their own speech and thought bubbles for the main characters In the story.


In Science, we learned about the different types of plants that we could find in our local area- we even got to plant our own beans! The children were really engaged In researching what a plant needs to stay alive.  This then lead onto looking at the life cycle of a plant, particularly focusing on a sunflower.




The children were so excited to start their DT project to design a vehicle to transport flowers.  We had some really creative designs which lead to some amazing vehicles being made.  They spent time testing their vehicles outside and looked at how they could Improve their designs.  The children were so proud of their achievements- the squeals of delight were infectious.