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Community Infants' School

Spring 2

Our topic this half term was called “Once Upon a Time” where we focussed on Traditional Tales such as the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Not only did the children become storytellers, using a story map to help re-tell the stories they also became architects!  The children set to work designing, building and evaluating their designs.  We had some very strong houses to keep the Three Little Pigs safe!



This half term we celebrated World Book Day and it was amazing to see all the fantastic book characters!  The children had a great time partaking in a traditional tales quiz, watching The Gruffalo and making up their very own World Book Day Helicopter Stories.


Emily  (Age 5)

Once there was a witch with a cat. And once the witch said “Let’s fly on our broomstick.”  And then she tapped the broomstick two times and then they were off! And they went so fast that the witches hat flew off.  And then they were going so fast that the witches bow fell off too.  And then the witch cried down and then they searched for the bow and they found a bird with a bow in his beak.  And then they got the bow and flew off.  And then she accidently dropped her wand.  And then the witch cried “down.”  And then they searched for the wand and found it with a frog holding it.  And then the frog gave the witch her magic wand back.  Then the frog got on and then the broom was so heavy that the broom snapped.  And then the witch flew.  And then a dragon came and breathed out fire and then the cat hissed, the frog growled, the bird shrieked and the frog went ribbit.  And then the dragon flew off because he was so scared.  Then the witch said “Thank you!” 


Harper (Age 4)

Once upon a time there was a unicorn that needed to be trained.  And the police officer came and trained it.  And they took it to the police station and they said that the unicorn could be one like them and be a police officer.  And they tried to put the unicorn in their car but they couldn’t because he was too big and they tried to get them in the uniform but they couldn’t because the unicorn was too big.


Franklin (Age 4)

Once upon a time, there was a dragon that went on a rocket and he went to Mars and he saw a dinosaur and he decided to eat it.


The children celebrated Pancake Day and tasted different pancake toppings …. Yummy!  They then created a bar chart to find out which was the most and least favourite topping!  The children were able to answer lots of mathematical questions using the graph they created.



Our half term book was a hit with all the children!  Can you guess ….



             Gruffalo crumble anyone!      Purple prickles all over his back! 


It’s The Gruffalo!


The children enjoyed re-telling the story in our de-constructed role play, making their own Gruffalo hat and painting pictures.

The competition was on to see who could make the longest snake.  Some of the children had a great plan and decided to join theirs together.  Some of the children worked for days adding to their snakes.  Out came the measuring sticks to see who had made the longest snake …. Lots of ordering and mathematical language linked to length!


Sammy Snake came to Forest school and challenged the children to find objects that were longer and shorter than he was! 



              There was even time for a game of What's The Time Mr Wolf? 



“We’re going on a shape hunt!”  “We’re going to find a square one!”   Lots of fun was had when the children became shape detectives, looking for shapes out in the environment.




The children sorted 3D shapes using different criteria.


We hope you are all enjoying your home learning activities and staying safe!

Wishing you a Happy Easter!