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Community Infants' School

Spring 1

The start of 2020 has been very busy for Nursery and we were delighted to welcome 8 new children in January.  They have all settled in very well and they are enjoying exploring all the areas. The children who have been attending for some time have been very welcoming and helping them with their new routine.


Our fabulous book for the half term ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ has given us a lot of characters and stories to explore.  The book has helped us to recognise rhyme and we are very good at matching rhyming pairs and making up our own rhymes.  With the rhyming picture game we have incorporated ICT so when we have matched all the rhymes we have used the Ipads to take photos of our work!  We have learned new rhymes from the story like ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ and ‘Jack and Jill’ and have performed some we have learned from The Poetry Basket to the parents who attended our book event.  The children loved showing the adults what they could do and then taking them for a treasure hunt around the garden to find hidden characters from the story and then write down their numbers on a map.


We have also been learning about the change in seasons and have explored frost and ice outside and polar bears and penguins frozen in blocks of ice in the water tray.  The children have shown a great understanding of freezing and melting and what to wear in different temperatures.  We have designed scarves and painted repeating patterns and notices the seasonal changes outside in Forest School.




Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rat has really captured the children’s imagination and the Chinese restaurant role play has been very popular.  The children have enhanced the area by making paper lanterns and creating a tree from blow painting.  They know the story of the Chinese animals well and have acted out the different ways of moving in PE and with animals in the water tray using the language of first, second and third effectively.




The half term is finishing with a lot of love for Valentine’s Day! The children have had their first attempt at sewing heart shapes for Valentine’s cards to go with a home baked gift for someone special.