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Spring 1


Our class book this term was ‘Dear Zoo’ – a lift the flap book. This provided lots of opportunities for speaking and listening, retelling stories, mark-making and drawing. We were also learning facts about the animals in the story, and also pets too.


Through the story we were introduced to ordinal number – and we have been practising remembering which animal came first, second, third etc


Another activity related to ‘Dear Zoo’ was making animal biscuits. We made a biscuit dough and used animal cutters to make the biscuits into animal shapes. We all had an individual set of ingredients, to keep things Covid secure. The biscuits were a big success!


Here are a set of  animals which feature in the story  - we used them for retelling the story, in the correct sequence.



We also talked a lot about the letter sounds (phonemes) that the animals began with. Here is an activity where we matched the graphemes (written letter) to the animal.



We set up a Vet’s Surgery as our role play area after discussing our pets, how we look after them and who they go to if they are unwell. We made some animal carry baskets, based on the design of a real one. In the surgery we took turns pretending to be the vet, the receptionist and the person bringing his or her pet to the vet’s. This helped us to learn lots of new vocabulary, and about different types of work grown ups can do.





This half term has seen some proper Winter weather! We explored the snow and ice with our senses, learned about melting and freezing, and about capacity when filling and emptying containers with the snow. We made footprints, comparing different shoe/boot sizes, and had a game guessing who some of them belonged to!





During this half term we have also had the RSPB Birdwatch Weekend. We counted the birds in our Nursery back garden, identified them and also made some food for them – we made fatballs, using lard, nuts and seeds. The birds clearly enjoyed them as they have been eaten!




We have continued to go to Forest School every week – despite the really muddy conditions some weeks! We have had fun there and certainly developed our confidence with physical skills outdoors.


We have used lots of tools in Nursery, at activities to improve our fine motor skills – here we are trying to get hold of jelly!




Programming the Beebots, both with the real things and on the App, has helped us to further develop our ICT skills, fine motor skills, counting skills and our understanding direction.                              

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading and listening to stories this half term. The main focus has been on animal stories, including traditional tales with animals as the main characters in them.



We have made a storyboard for The Three Little Pigs; this has helped us to tell the story to each other. A shared collage of the story setting for The Three Billy Goats Gruff has been produced too.




Cooperation and teamwork have been needed for this, and it has been amazing to see such young children accommodate each other, take turns and support each other retelling the story so well.


All things considered, it’s been a fabulous half term of learning in Nursery.