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Autumn 2

Another half term has gone by filled with lots of activity and fun! The children have formed stronger relationships with each other now and friendships are being formed.


We have spent lots of time on activities to further Personal Social & Emotional Development (PSED), equipping children with the skills to share, take turns and be able to say “No” if they don’t like something that another child is doing which is affecting them. Very importantly, we have also celebrated achievements and milestones from home  - every week there is an opportunity for parents to share WOW moments with us, and for these to be celebrated and rewarded in school. We have a WOW Card board in Nursery.


We started going to Forest School during this half term and we have seen Autumn all the way through now – the trees have completely shed their leaves and it has become more difficult to play hide and seek! The children have had such fun using these planks of wood as a seesaw – it has been great for developing balance.


Just after Bonfire Night when we went to Forest School we made our own bonfires and sang songs around them, pretending to toast marshmallows. This was great for developing core strength – some of the children dragged extremely large logs to build the bonfire!



Learning and talking about bonfire safety fitted in very well with our role play emergency services station. This has been very popular with the children and has led to some great opportunities for speech and language development in addition to markmaking - taking calls and writing messages. We all know to call 999 for help and can recognise the different uniforms for police, paramedics and firefighters.



We have had a ‘Night Monkey Day Monkey’ Den – based on our class book, and some wonderful paintings of the wildlife from the story have been created, along with these masks. We also used clay which required a lot of hand and finger strength, to mould into butterflies. Lots of different media was available for the children to choose from for decorating them. Here you can see children acting out the story with the masks. This book lent itself to learning about nocturnal creatures.



In Numeracy we have spent time sorting objects by different criteria, and have been learning to describe them, count them accurately and match the appropriate numerals to them.

Here you can see how we have collected data and represented it on a pictogram.

This has helped us to use mathematical vocabulary such as same/different, more/fewer.



Finally we have been focussing on The Christmas Story, learning our songs for our Nativity audio performance. The children have thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story with the small world play, and singing along to the songs at all opportunities! Having the stable animals in the sand has encouraged counting too!



We are looking forward to the New Year and lots more exciting activities, both indoors and out.