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Spring 1

Our book this half term was Dr. Xargle's Book of Earthlets by Jeanne Willis. We enjoyed writing our versions of the book and describing how he would look after an alien. 



Everyone enjoyed taking the class book home to read and we enjoyed seeing you all participate in the book activities and posting them on Seesaw. 



We had our own Space Cadet Training day and completed lots of different craft activities and tried some dried out astronaut food. Look at our fantastic outfits!




In ICT we learnt how to use a variety of tools and how they are used to create pictures. We created our own space pictures using the fill bucket, paintbrush, spray can and shape tools..   

This half term we have focussed on using money as well as multiplication and division. We learnt how the skill of counting in 2's, 5's and 10's is really important and is used for all of these. 


In Science, we continued our work on materials and conducted our own experiments. One our experiments tested which materials were waterproof and the other tested which material held the most water. Our favourite experiment was testing which materials in the classroom floated. We learnt about making tests fair and how to record our results.




In Art, we learnt about adding texture to our work and creating tints and tones by adding white and black. We produced our own space salt paintings combining all our newly learnt skills. 


To finish the half term we enjoyed learning all about China for our half termly International Day. We used our knowledge of creating tints and tones to make the shades we needed and then used our fingers as tool to create our own blossom art.