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Autumn 2

What another busy half term we have had in Reception! We have been busy with our Nativity and all of our Christmas preparations. We have spent this half term learning all about different celebrations.


We enjoyed learning through our class book ‘Shhh!’ this half term. We used character masks to retell the story in our home corner, built huge castles using the construction materials and made castle collages with our grown-ups.




We started the half term celebrating Bonfire Night. We used the musical instruments to try and make the noises of a firework and to experiment with loud and quiet noises. We made our own sparklers by combining tin foil and glitter, tearing the foil to make it look like it was sparkling at the end. We drew big fireworks onto paper and then had a go at writing the noises they make, such as ‘pop’, ‘bang’ and ‘fizz’.




Next, we learned all about the Hindu festival of light – Diwali! We read the story of Rama and Sita to understand where this celebration originated and why. We made our own Diwali cards on the writing table, colouring the pattern to look bright. We then copied some letters to write ‘Happy Diwali’ inside, concentrating on forming our letters correctly. We then wrote our names underneath so we knew who they were from. We also created Rangoli patterns in our fine motor area by moving coloured rice into different patterns. We made fireworks by copying shapes using chalk, onto black paper.





After that, we celebrated Remembrance Day. We made our own poppy pictures by combining green, red and black materials onto black paper and arranging them into the correct shapes, using the poppies as a guide.


Finally, it was time to celebrate Winter and Christmas. We made Winter pictures individually and as a class, by combining paint, glitter, glue, tissue paper and foam to look really snowy outside! We worked together to build Santa’s sleigh and drew our designs onto paper. We made Christmas tree art by placing different sparkly objects onto tree shapes.




We have really enjoyed getting to know the children this half term and are looking forward to what next half term will bring.