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Spring 2


Although it has been a short half term, Nursery have still managed to pack lots of fun activities into the time.  Our book for the half term was ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ which has been a great starting point for the children to learn about planting and growing and recite the days of the week.  They have enjoyed experiencing planting seeds for themselves, looking after the Nursery garden and extending their role play outside to the garden centre where there has been lots of opportunities for conversation, counting and learning about coins and money. 




We enjoyed a trip to the local florists where we learned about different flowers, how the flowers are looked after and what else the florist sells.  We also bought a variety of products from artificial flowers, plants and roses.  When we returned to Nursery the children were able to plan what we needed in our indoor florist role play and they showed everyone how to wrap the flowers, made handmade cards to sell and wrote price tags.  We are very grateful to Studley Florists for welcoming us and contributing items.




We have also been busy with events and celebrations as the children sampled pancakes on Shrove Tuesday with a choice of toppings – maple syrup, lemon and sugar and chocolate spread.  There was a mixed response so the children all contributed to a tally chart to judge the favourite with the undisputable winner being the chocolate spread!

The children have also enjoyed celebrating World Book Day where the children were very imaginative thinking of costumes to wear of animals from stories.  There were ladybirds, gruffalos, rabbits and bears and we enjoyed sharing favourite stories and making personalised bookmarks. Mother’s Day gave the children many opportunities to be creative – making their own tissue paper flowers, creating completely independent Mother’s Day cards (the only similar feature being a lot of glue!) and making peppermint and caramel creams.  We got very sticky and experimented with different ingredients until we got them just right.  It was also a good opportunity to reinforce good hygiene which the children have put into practice using the new snuffle station.




As well as caring for plants, Nursery  have been lucky to get the opportunity to care for living creatures this half term too.  First, we were given 5 stick insects which caused a lot of intrigue – not least just trying to spot all 5!  We learned loads of great facts (including a leg would grow back if it came off!) and the children learned new words such as camouflage and molting.

It was very exciting to get a delivery from Living Eggs and they have given the children a great understanding of life cycles.  They arrived on a Monday and by Thursday all 10 eggs had successfully hatched.  The children were given the opportunity to see how the chicks ate the nutrients from the eggshell when first born in the incubator and then how they grew and became more fluffy in the brooder.  The children were very good at identifying which were boys (yellow) and girls (brown). They enjoyed handling them (even though some were quite noisy!) and we were very proud at how gentle and caring everyone was.  They have now been happily rehomed at a free range farm.