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Summer 2

This term we have been learning about Castles and Knights. We went to Kenilworth Castle to see a real castle for ourselves. We travelled by coach and sat next to our friends. When we got there, we met Nikky and she told us stories about Prince Peter of Pets, Princess Petticoat and the Monster Tree. We sat under the tree and listened, and joined in with her stories.


Next we explored the castle. We went into Leicester’s Gatehouse. We saw the old stone buildings and some of us even went all the way to the top. We liked seeing the dark cave with muddy puddles and the balcony where we could see the hills in the distance.


Then we sat at the picnic tables to eat our lunch and had a play on the ruins in the garden. We had a fabulous day and we came back to school feeling happy.



When we got back to school we all made our own story hats to help us make up our own stories. When we wrote a story about Princess Pearl of Pets with a baddie called Prince John. When Nikky came back to visit us we all told her our story. She told us another amazing story with her enormous Storytelling Skirt! The story went…


Out of the air,

Into my brain,

Out of my mouth

And into your ears!


We had to act out the story and find things hidden inside the pockets of her skirt. We found a toothbrush, a teddy bear, a maths book, a hair brush and a rain hat. They all went into the suitcase for Roland Jay the puppet. Roland Jay was very funny because he kept telling jokes then falling asleep.


The PTA organised a big school fete with a bouncy castle, skipping display, glitter tattoos and hair glitter, barbeque, drinks stall and lots and lots of other goodies. It was great fun eating hot dogs and bouncing around!


Last week we had Sports Day! We each did three races and all got stickers and certificates. N We were really exhausted but we had a brilliant time.


It’s now the end of Year 1 and we are excited to be going to Year 2 in September.


Written by Grace, Atticus, Reuben, Ronnie, Jaani and Lunar.